Paul Knop - Founder

Paul Knop

Phone: 813-884-1395
The "Captain" of the ship! Paul, his wife, and his father had a vision of Family Boating in 1988, for a dealership that delivered quality boats and service with a family friendly atmosphere. Over the years, he and his team worked tirelessly to deliver this experience to our valued customers. 30 years later, we can say that this dream has become a reality. We will always strive to uphold Paul's standard of integrity, courtesy, and quality.


Robert Knop - Finance & Operations Manager

Robert Knop

Finance & Operations Manager
Phone: 813-884-1395
Robert Knop, Paul's brother, adds his financial and operational experience to the team. After successful roles within a few large national Corporations, he joined Family Boating in 2001. As we navigate the challenges of retail boat sales and service, Robert's operations management helps us hold steady the course while also safely punching the throttle when needed. He helps foster a pragmatic approach from our team, with customer satisfaction being the ultimate destination.
Gregory Knop - General Manager

Gregory Knop

General Manager
Phone: 813-884-1395
Gregory "Greg" Knop, Paul's son, has been with Family Boating full-time since 2008. Having grown up in the business, he's seen it all over the 30 years of FBC's existence. While Greg's background is in Sales, his duties these days at FBC are focused on all aspects of the dealership.


Family Boating and Marine Centers Sales Force

Brian Epperson - Sales

Brian Epperson

Phone: 813-884-1395 x102
Captain Brian Epperson started with Family Boating Centers back in 2005 offering his knowledge at boat shows, helping with customer deliveries. and giving on water boating demonstrations. He joined the staff full time in 2015 and has never looked back. As an accomplished tournament fisherman, he has a room full of trophies and over-all series wins. With his vast knowledge of our local waters, he will find the boat that suits your needs. He is the father of two daughters and has great expertise in helping families choose their first or next boat!


Service technicians are mechanics, installers, riggers, handymen, problem solvers, go getters, and all around good dudes.

Curtis Williams - Service Manager, North Tampa

Curtis Williams

Service Manager, North Tampa
Phone: 813-884-1395 x109
Curtis Williams heads up the team of mechanics and riggers at the Anderson Road location. He is the most-senior tenured member of the Family Boating service force with 25 years. Curtis is in his element when his hands are dirty diagnosing stubborn problems and finding solutions to ensure a fix that is going to be right the first time. In his free time, Curtis loves to run his 2200 Pathfinder boat around Tampa Bay.